Best Skateboard Brands- Best Skateboards of 2018 Reviewed

A well-suited board according to your riding style and experience is necessary to enjoy your journey. As a beginner skateboarder, it is hard to choose the right board and place to buy a board.

In most cases, either the board is expensive than its quality or the board get damaged after a short time uses. So, it’s hard to consider that which one is the most suitable skateboard. That’s why we made this best skateboard brands 2018 review where you can find the right solution.

Skateboard Buying Guide​​​​​


What to choose: Cruiser, Skateboard or Longboard?

There are many types of skateboard. This post will help you to choose well-suited type for you.

1.Skateboard: The first type is skateboard. Its main feature is that the board bend in the both sides.


 In most cases, it has 7-9 layers of Canadian maple.  Deck width can be different from 7"-9" and length from 30"- 32". 

The number of layers, quality, of technology effect the stiffness and flexibility of the board.

These are made for doing tricks not good for typical riding. Why? Because the wheels are designed for tricks especially the bearings. 

You may find various ABEC number for bearings ( ABEC3, ABEC 5, ABEC 7, ABEC 9). The higher number of ABEC, the board will be more thinner and faster. 

ABEC5 bearings usually used in the skateboard that provides speed and durability for tricks. It is'not perfect for long distance riding. 

2. Longboard: Second type is longboard. It provides lots of room for your feet.  


Perfect one for riding in fast speed a with great stability which is good for road performance. But not suitable for stunt riding. 

The longer wheelbase, deck and softer and large wheels  are main characteristics of these type board. This type structure enable you to ride it with higher speed and stability.

Unlike from a classic skateboard, longboard deck comes in various shape and profile. Trucks have some choices over the width of wheelbase and construction. 

Thanks to longboard as it allows you  to experience particular types of riding styles like cruising long distance, board walking, carving, technical sliding, downhill,  free-ride and slalom. Check longboards here.

You can enjoy riding longboard in mountains, hill places and specialized tracks. 

3. Cruiser: They  are different from other types for its deck which is bend on one side and hybrid of skateboard and longboard. It contains curved tail.

Cruiser board

To cruise in the city cruiser is a great option.  It's made of maple except some cruiser from penny and their alternatives.

Since they are made of plastic. Durability and flexibility are beyond doubt. They are very beautiful , comes in lots of colors. 

The range of the length is between 27-31 inches other than some plastic boards ( 22"). 

Cruisers like its soft large wheels which ensure stability and flexibility. Since it is easy to control, you can do some more difficult tricks easily with it. 

You can carry this lightweight stuff with your backpack or skate bag due to its small size. 

Which is best for you? Let's see

As a beginner a skateboard is well-suited. performing easy and basic tricks these boards are great.

If you need to commute in the city on the busy road, plastic board can be pretty good option. 

Longboard is for intermediate and pro skateboarder. Cruiser longboards are okay for beginners, but other types are for sliding, downhill riding in the hills, carving, slalom, freeride, freestyle and technical riding.

Complete/ pre-built or own-built/ custom skateboard

Custom skateboard costs more than a complete board.

What should you check before buying your first skateboard?

There are so many things we have to consider at the time of choosing a board. When you are looking to buy a skateboard, it’s a good idea to keep in mind the following characteristics-

  • check
    How many layers in the deck?
  • check
    What materials is used to make the deck?
  • check
    How much hardness of the wheels and bushing are perfect for every riding style?
  • check
    High or low trucks?
  • check
    Conical or cylinder Bushing?
  • check
    Bearings with the spacer or without the spacer?
  • check
    Ceramic or stainless steel bearings?
  • check
    Does the bearing easy to clean?
  • check
    Soft or hard bushings?

Moreover, all products in this guide are the top boards on sale. Here is the step-by- step way to choose a skateboard/longboard? 

Checklist for buying a skateboard

Top Skateboard Brands

Powell Paralta

powell-peralta logo

This company manufactures complete boards and all kinds of related equipment’s and accessories.

Powell-Peralta has a vast collection of 30 different models with different attractive colors and graphics which make them a unique brand.

And their collection is increasing and developing day by day. So, you can purchase the most suitable one for you according to your budget, riding type, and body fitness.

They have a vast collection of different  model. It was difficult for us to choose the best Powell-Peralta board. We’ve compared all of their model with each other.

And after a huge research, we’ve considered the Powell Golden Dragon Complete  as their most demandable and best value product. You can get the reasons for choosing this one as our best pick from the product review part.

Sector 9

Sector 9 builds and manufactures products for Surfing, Skating, longboarding, and snowboarding. They also produce all type of skateboard and longboard parts and accessories. It is one of the reputed longboard companies in the world.

Actually, Sector 9 boards are larger than 31-inch which is longer than the standard size of a skateboard. So, you can treat Sector 9 skateboards as longboard also. If you want 38-inch longboard, you can check Jaseboards review. Sector 9 is unique and different from all other brands because they are always ready to fulfill requirements of every rider.

Actually, it is hard to choose one particular Sector 9 boards as best because all of their models are awesome. Except its expensive price, no customers can provide accurate negative feedback against Sector 9 skateboards. After a huge research through internet and analyzing users feedback, we’ve considered the Sector 9 Fractal Complete  as their one of the high-quality board on sale.

After a huge research through internet and analyzing users feedback, we’ve considered the Sector 9 Fractal Complete  as their one of the high-quality item on sale.


Punisher is a growing American skateboard company and founded in 2008 at Pennsylvania. This manufacturing company produces Skateboard, Longboard, regular and pro skateboarding helmet and all other accessories.

Punisher contains Canadian Maple deck, Heavy duty Aluminum alloy trucks, Polyurethane wheels. Most of their items contain ABEC 5 rated bearings. And few models include ABEC 7 and 9 rated bearings.

Punisher supplies 20 different models with different artistic graphics which provide a wider choice to the rider.

Among the 20 skateboard models, we’ve chosen Punisher Cherry Blossom Complete Skateboard as the because it is suitable for all riding type and riders from beginners to expert, kids to elders. Plus, it is least expensive as a high-class product. Especially, it is a great for girls.


Krown is the leading brand and its popularity is increasing day by day. It is one of the best cruiser brands for beginners  because of their affordable price and high-quality parts.

Krown has a vast collection of 5 different models (Pintails, Kicktails, Exotics, Pro, Rookie) with various colors and graphics. So you can choose the best one for you according to your riding style, body fitness, and budget.

Among their 5 significant  models, we’ve chosen the Krown Rookie Complete because of its low price, long durability, high-quality parts, rider-friendly deck designs and nice looking graphic. For more details, you can check Krown rookie review.


Penny uses their plastic formula to make their decks which provide excellent strength and flexibility than all other plastic boards.

Penny’s high-quality Aluminum trucks and 83A wheels are perfectly combined with the deck to hold the weight of the rider.​

Penny decks are small but contain a kicktail which makes them unique from other brands. This is one of the cheap brands of this review. You can do a lot of tricks with this significant small skateboard. Most of its customers are beginners and kids because of its small size and lightweight shape.

Top 10 Skateboard Comparison






sector 9 skateboard

8-ply Maple


Skateboards under $100

Ligament deck




9-ply Canadian Maple


7-ply Maple


Skateboards under $50

Canadian Maple


9-ply maple




Hard rock maple


North American 7 ply Maple


What Are The Top 5 Skateboards of 2018?

1. Powell Golden Dragon Complete  (Best for beginner adults)

This board includes 31″ stiff and flexible ligament deck, 54 x 37 mm PGD super high rebound PU wheels and 7.625″ Golden Dragon trucks.

The PGD high rebound wheels is a disk-shaped plate, commonly used to distribute the load of a threaded fastener like screws or nuts and also helpful to prevent galvanic corrosion.

This Powell-Peralta item is suitable for starter, expert, adults and kids. Its wide trucks are very helpful for turning and sliding since it ensures the stability of the board. You can ride on it from any side since it is bi-directional board. 

Highlighted Features:

 Ligament deck

The ligament deck is sturdy as well flexible so that this board will remain unchanged at the time of sliding and braking.

Ligament deck is like the ligaments of your body which connect your muscles to your bones. Similarly, ligament deck doesn’t break into 2 pieces.

The weight is same as 7-ply maple deck, but it is stiffer than the regular board. If you are a tall guy, you can choose it. Because its sturdy and spacious quality deck made it perfect for big guys.

 Concaved double kicktail

Its concaved deck makes a perfect traction between the shoes and the deck. Concaved double kicktail helps to lock your feet onto the board and advantageous for freestyle riding, flip tricks, pop-shove-it and other tricks.

 Polyurethane wheels

High-rebound polyurethane makes the Powell-Peralta board faster. These wheels also best for sliding and last for a long time.

 Perfect for cruising and tricks

You can use it forcommuting and carving. Because the PGD super high rebound small size polyurethane wheels of the board ensure more stability and allow you to ride smoothly.

 Reasonable price

You will get this board at the reasonable price. It is one of the best skateboards under 100 dollar. The users of this board find it good for starter skaters. They think it is a cheap board than its quality.

Note: High-quality product for beginners and trick lovers in an affordable price.

Things we like

Things we don’t like

  • check
    Well-suited for all type riders.
  • check

    Easy to carry & control.

  • check

    Less expensive.

  • check

    Concave deck with grip tape.

  • Wheels are soft.

This one is the much more quality full than Powell Peralta golden dragon. If you want more quality and durability, then you should choose this one.

  • check
    Perfect choice for those riders for whom budget isn’t your problem but quality matters.
  • check
    Its all components are top notch.
  • check
    This one comes with mini logo trucks and bearings.

2. Sector 9 Fractal Complete (Best For downhilling and freeriding)

The 2nd board in our list is the best including the 8 ply maple deck, Gullwing Sidewinder II’ trucks, 69mm 78A top shelf Sector 9 wheels, PDP ABEC 5 Bearings and grip tape with sector 9 logo.

The PDP ABEC 9 bearings holds the bag’s posture. Aside from keeping the mouth open it protects against shock and abrasion.

You can use this one both for beginners and experienced skaters. Bellow, we’ve provided few specific benefits about this product.

Highlighted Features:
  • 2-in-1 board

    This sector 9 product a 2-in-1 board. Since this skateboard is 36-inches long, so you can call it a small size longboard. You can use it for all riding styles with high speed and better control.

  • Also good for cruising and carving

    For carving, its shorter, sturdy and endurable 8-ply maple deck is perfect. The PDP ABEC-5 bearings and sector 9 top shelf wheels make carving and cruising fast as well as smooth.

  • Reasonable price

    Though it is not a cheap board, but you are getting this one at a reasonable price. 

The Gullwing sidewinder trucks holds the bag’s posture. Aside from keeping the mouth open it protects against shock and abrasion.

Note: High-quality sector 9 board for freeriding, cruising and downhill riding.

Things we like

Things we don’t like

  • check

    Comfortable riding.

  • check

    High-performance trucks.

  • check

    Well-suited for all level riders.

  • Little bit unstable at very high speed

Sector 9 Brandy comes with 8-ply cold pressed maple deck, 72mm race formula wheels and multiple truck mounting options.

  • check
    Fully dipped color.
  • check
    Great for freeride, cruising and technical riding
  • check
      PDP ABEC 5 bearings.
  • check
    Multiple truck mounting options.

3. Punisher Cherry Blossom (Best for Girls)

This is a 31-inches board which includes 9-ply Canadian maple wood deck, red cherry flower design, Seagull 5” alloy red colored trucks, grip tape, 54x36mm white polyurethane Ivory Wheels with Graphics and ABEC5 bearings.

You can use its both sides as front and kick tail since this is a double deck concave board. It can hold weight up to 200 pounds. Now take a look at some relevant information about this product-

Highlighted Features:
  •  Ensure smooth riding : 

    The double kick concave design is helpful to get the right balance and stability. Its PU wheels and ABEC 5 bearings ensure the smooth ride.

  •  Awesome design :

    The deck of this board is illustrated with the nice red cherry flower, trucks are red and wheels are white. Thus, this board’s every part color is designed to make it eyes soothing. As its deck is covered with uneven grip tape so that it is easy to control the board.

  • Stylish as well as cheap

    Those peoples are looking for a low cost and stylish item, Punisher is perfect for them.

  • Great for Girls

    Its Gullwing Sidewinder trucks with double configuration kingpin allow you to ride at high speed with sharp turns.

Gullwing Sidewinder trucks is synthetic rubber which ensures good chemical stability and flexibility over a wide temperature range.

Note: Awesome cheap skateboard for beginner girls.

Things we like

Things we don’t like

  Attractive graphics design.

  Easy to carry anywhere.

  Easy to control.

  Less weight.

  Become discolored from friction and scratches.

A Best Cheap cruiser board "Blind Skateboard review"

This commuter skateboard is a professional board which comes with 32.5-inches Canadian maple wood deck, red polyurethene wheels,black grip tape and alluminum trucks with assorted colors.

 One of the best complete skateboards in the market. Blind cruiser board comes with cool tiki skull design. You are getting this at a very cheap rate.

 To provide you the smoothest riding experience, it includes polyurethene  wheels and 7" inch polished aluminum Swivel truck with 24mm riser pad. This 8.5 inches wide board allows you to put your feet comfortably.

4. Krown Rookie  (Best Beginners Skateboard)

If you are looking for a skateboard under $50, then it is the best option for you.

This is a 31-Inches skateboard. It includes ABEC 5 rated bearings, Canadian Maple deck, 52 mm Urethane wheels, 5-Inches trucks, black grip tape and stunning deck graphic. You must enjoy your riding due to its bi-directional top mount shape. It can easily carry a heavy weight person as its deck is sturdy enough. Let’s take a quick look at the important information of the board.

Bi-directional top mount shape is a shape of the board in which the trucks mounted through the deck.

Highlighted Features:

 Easily maneuverable

You can easily maneuver it on the uneven surface because its 52mm wheels and ABEC 5 bearings ensure fast speed and smooth riding. Its  deck is also made for beginners.

 Great board for tricks lover

For quick turns and tricks, this board is perfect since it has bi-directional top mount deck. You will get better control while riding with its 5-inches lightweight aluminum trucks.

 Also great for kids

Most of the people buy this product for their kids. They said it is a great skateboard for5 - 10 years old beginner. Because of its nice graphic and high-quality, customers love this one .

 Wide range of colors

You can choose your favorite colored board from the wide range of colors of this Krown skateboard.

Note: Best beginner skateboard.

Things we like

Things we don’t like

  • check
    High speed with smooth control.
  • check
    Less weight.
  • check
    Better for kids and novice.
  • check
    Durable rigid deck.
  • check
    Like a small size longboard.
  • check
    Spectacular graphic.
  • Trucks are too fast.

Another Best complete Skateboard "Darkstar Skateboard review"

This complete skateboard includes 33-inches 7-ply hard maple deck, built in extended king pins and 95A wheels.

 One of the best complete skateboards in the market. Darkstar board comes with red and blue color. It's a complete skateboard and ready to skate.

 Developed & designed in the USA. Super lightweight, It's only 1 pound. This 8.5 inches wide board provide enough space to keep feet comfortably.

5. Penny graphic  (Best commuter board for college campus)

This Penny skateboard is lightweight with a 22-inch deck. Its deck is made of high-quality colored plastics & it's easily maneuverable as it is lightweight. This complete skateboard comes with penny ABEC7 bearings, deep crosshatch design over the top, 59mm 78A wheels, kick tail and penny 3.125 inches trucks. 

Highlighted Features:
  Molded plastic deck

This plastic small skateboard comes with molded design so that there is little chance to scratch over the board. It also provides the smooth ride as it has soft wheels with ABEC 7 bearings. Great for cruising on the street.

  Breezy to carry

Since its weight is 4.3 pounds, so it’s easy to carry anywhere. If you are a feeble person, then this one is perfect for you to carry with you. So it can be so much compatible even for a 4 year old beginner.

  Replacement parts available

There are all replacement parts available of this skateboard so that you can easily upgrade your board quality.

 High- performance board

Those people love colorful plastic skateboards, they must like it as it comes with wide range of colors. It is one of the cheap as well as high-performance boards. This mini skateboard is great for its durability, stability, and flexibility.

Note: High-quality plastic skateboard for beginner cruiser.

Things we like

Things we don’t like

  • check
    Twice cheap than the similar quality board.
  • check
    Kicktail is helpful for tricks.
  • check
    Easy to carry.
  • check
    Well-suited for kids and beginners.
  • check
    Super easy to control.
  • Flimsy bearings.

Also Great "Rimable Complete  (Best Cheap Cruiser Skateboard)"

You will be surprised that this 4-pounds board can hold near about 200-pounds weight. There are 23 different colors and graphics available of this Rimable skateboard. This is one of the best boards for girls. You can carry anywhere in your little traveling bag.

  You can carry anywhere in your little traveling bag. Thus, you can buy this skateboard for 9 year old beginner skateboarder.

  Experts can do diplomatic tricks with it. The 59mm PU wheels with 78A hardness and ABEC 7 bearings allow you to steer the board at high speed.


Beginner Skateboarder's Guide

What are the essential gears for skateboarder?

Skateboard accessories includes the other things that are required for skateboarding. 

These are- 

Protective gears (helmets,  elbow pads, knee pad)

Skateboarding rails & ramp 

Skateboard shoes

Bearings lube.

Know more about protective gears from the another post of our website.

How to Build/ Set up/Assemble a skateboard?

If you want to build your skateboard at your choice, you have to buy each part separately. Things you need to set up or build your own skateboard are following-

  • Deck: Length, Width and wheelbase are three major factors to consider to buy a deck.
  • Trucks: Pick the trucks according to your your deck by checking trucks profile height and width.
  • Wheels: Select wheels with perfect diameter, durometer and material. 
  • Grip tape
  • Bearings
  • Hardware- Make sure that the hardware's are in right size. 
  • Riser pad

Other accessory things you need-Poker, Screwdriver, Skate tool, Razor blade and Power drill.

All are ready. Let's start now.

Step 1- Put on your grip tape on the deck. Poke holes on the grip tape for the hardware from both sides.

Step 2 - To put the bearings into the wheel, place the bearing over the wheel and push it down with the skate tool. Using truck to put the bearings into the wheel is another awesome way. Just put bearing through the axle and then push down the wheel.

Step 3- Connect the wheels with the trucks. At first put one washer inside the axle, then wheel, another washer in the out side and at last attach the bolt. Tight the bolt with skate tool. Do same thing with other wheels. Make sure that it isn't too much tight. 

Step 4- Now assembling the trucks. Put the hardware from the top of the deck. Hold the hardware's by your fingers and attach the truck through the trucks hole. Grab bolts to put on the hardware's with the fingers. Now tighten the trucks up with the skate tool. Tight the each hardware evenly, not too much. You can use power drill to tight the hardware's.

Step 5- Recheck every steps. Wheels and trucks are little bit loose, there is no air bubbles in the grip tape. OHO! you are ready to go now. 

How to stand on a skateboard

To stand on a board, firstly you have be able to push, get on, roll and get back off. Then push and get back on again.

It is just pushing and rolling and find a comfortable position.

If you are aren't goofy, then put your left feet just behind the board nose. Give a starting push with your right leg on the ground.

After you take your push and generating a little bit speed, you have to jump back on the board. Your both feet will be land in the 90 degree position.

Have your shoulder leading to keep balance. Remember, the shoulders and knees go straight down to the feet, don't lean too far away. 

Stay in 90 degrees and roll parallel.

 So this is how you ride and push on a skateboard.

Top 10 skateboarding tricks for beginners

Ok, now you have bought a skateboard. Let's learn basic tricks to walk in the road of skateboarding.


You can check out skateboarder ANDY’s video before buying a skateboard. He will show you how to choose every part of the board. You may like-

Skateboard Maintenance Guide

How to put on grip tape easily on skateboard?

Putting grip tape on the skateboard is really a simple task. There are several methods to do that.

To do it impeccably without getting any air bubble, you have to follow the steps thoroughly. 

Step1- At first, peel off the paper backing and hold the grip tape over the board. Cover the deck from side to side and end to end.

Step 2-  Put one end down on the board and press with fingers. At the same time hold other side of the grip tape  up high on the edge of the deck with your opposite hand.

holding grip tape

Step 2:holding the grip tape in a proper way.

Step 3- When you are sticking the tape with the deck, hold the grip tape angled toward you not flat to the other end. Because of the concave on the deck. This simple trick will allow you to put on the grip tape without any air bubble. 

Step 4: Take old screw driver, file or something with blunt edge to line out the edge of the grip tape on the board. 

Since you need thick , white line, so draw quick and hard line, don't go over it several times. Just make sure that there is space for moving the razor blade.

Put on grip tape

Step 3:Sticking grip tape angled

Line out the edge of the grip tape with screwdriver

Step 4:Line out the edge with screwdriver

Thinner line ensures straighter edge. At the time of scoring where nose and tail meets the concave grip tape will have resistance. Cut from the edge of the deck to the outline of the grip tape with a razor blade, then re score.

Step 5: Lift the grip tape up around the outline to cut the edges correctly. Important thing to remember that don't move the razor blade side to side. Rest your index finger on the side of the deck at the time of cutting the grip tape. It will make a nice clean cut. Take the scrap of the grip tape. 

Putting finger on the deck to cut grip tape

Putting finger on the deck to cut grip tape.

Step 6: Now roughen up the outline of the grip tape which is on the deck. So the grip tape won't peel off. 

Roughen up the edge of the grip tape

Roughen up the edge of the grip tape.

Step 7: If still there is air bubble underneath the grip tape , poke a hole through the center with the razor blade. Press out the air. At last take a nail or something like that to make hole through the grip tape where you are going to mount the truck. 

Now put trucks on the deck and go for skateboarding.

Grip tape cleaning: 

Just buy a gripe tape cleaner( gummy cube) with your board. Rub the cleaner on the dirt , it will clean easily. 


Huh!!! At last, our hunting is over. We believe that this review will help you to end your quest for best and cheap one. We hope you have got the answer for your question-

Which are the high-quality right now?

This review includes top skateboards for girls, beginners and also for expert riders. Even you can also easily find one whichis suitable for 9-year-old beginner. Punisher is especially loved by girls. The Skatro, Boss, Penny and Rimable is best for kids although people of all ages can ride on it. For the tricks lover skateboarder KPC, Punisher, Powell-Parelta and SCSK8  are a great choice. The rest skateboards are also pretty good for guys. We have tried to pick out all the top selling products from best skateboard brands together.

Let us know if you think any other skateboard or accessories should have been on the list. We will be happy to hear from you. You can't ride a skateboard without accessories and other parts. You may need motorized electric skateboards, longboards, blank decks, trucks, bearings, wheels, skating hardwareshoes, scooters etc. 

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