Best electric skateboard reviews

Yeah, it can be true. An electric skateboard can make your imagination true. You can easily ride on an e-skateboard without learning to ride on a regular skateboard. Now I am relaxed that I can solve my friend’s problem. Oh, sorry. Here is a little story behind writing my best electric longboard reviews.

One of my friends loves skateboarding. But it seems to him very tough to ride on a regular skateboard. He tried several times to learn skateboarding. At last, he becomes dishearten and give up skateboarding. He shared his story and I have tried several options. Finally, I have learned about electric skateboard and gave him a suggestion to buy this board. Now he is a happy skateboarder. He is surprised that his skateboard is running smoothly on the road without pushing with his leg!!

What to consider for buying an electric skateboard?

You have to check out certain features of the e-skateboard before buying it. Those are illustrated below-

  • Weight

Check out the weight of the board before buying a motorized electric skateboard. An e-board which you can carry easily to your destination is the perfect board. Avoid buying an overweight skateboard.

  • Range

The purpose of buying skateboard is a vital factor to buy e-board. You can buy an electric skateboard for carving or commuting. You have to be sure that you can easily go to your place and get back from there without being anxious about mileage.

  • Motor wattage

Never think that a higher wattage motor is better for an e-skateboard. You have to check the maximum output wattage instead of company’s rated wattage. Motor controller parameters and gear ratios are also important to get desired speed. It will make more sound if your motor wattage is higher.

  • Performance

You can enjoy your skateboard riding without any hazard. The wheels and trucks are two essential parts which effect on board performance. It is better to ride on the board without a motor to know about its performance. If you attach a motor with a longboard, then it will not perform like an off-the-shelf electric skateboard.

  • Warranty

Getting warranty with any product is always tempting. Before buying, you should know that their customer support. Some companies apply different conditions to provide parts replacement service. You should figure it out.

  • Trigger or thumb remote control

Trigger remote control is more comfortable than thumb control.

  • Price

There are two types of skate parts in the market. Professional branded skate parts and off-the-shelf boards from china. You will get off-the-shelf boards from china at the cheapest rate. But branded boards are expensive and high-quality. To get a better product, you should read reviews of the product and know their starting time of in this business.

  • 2 motors or 1 motors

Don’t be tempted to buy 2 motors board. You can buy 2 motors skateboard to get high speed but it has some demerits.

  • Double noise.
  • Less battery life.
  • 2 motor need 2 belts.
  • More electrical set up the problem.
  • More maintenance required.

In spite of these problems, some skateboarders prefer 2 motors board for fast speed.

Learn how to ride on the electric skateboard

Want to know that how to ride on an electric skateboard watch this video.

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Best electric skateboard reviews

There are lots of e-board of various brands in the market. But all of them are not user-friendly and loved by the customers. Among those, only 3 electric boards provide high customer satisfaction. Here we are presenting 3 electric skateboard reviews-

Yuneec YUNEGOCR001 E-Go Cruiser Electric Skateboard

This electric board includes aviation brushless motor( electronically commuted motor) technology. Its speed is 13mph. There is a remote controller to break and accelerate the speed. You can also know how much charge is left through the remote controller. It takes only 5 hours to be fully charged. This best skateboard has the following features-

  • This electric board is very much lightweight (only 6.3 kg). So you can carry it easily at any place.
  • You can go over 18 miles by riding on this board after one full charge that is 3 times more than other e-board.
  • The deck of the board is made of Canadian maple wood which will provide medium flexibility. This lightweight electric skateboard includes Yulee patented ‘6 flex’ flexible battery case which provides deck flexibility.
  • Don’t worry about going outside on a rainy day with your electric board since its battery is placed in a water resistance housing. Its battery lifespan is over 1000 charge cycles.
  • This is one of the top electric skateboards. They like its beautiful design, lightweight and long battery life. Though some of them complain about the malfunction of its parts, but most of the clients are satisfied with its performance.
Things we like
Nice design.
Greater mileage.
Water resistance battery.
Weight is only 6.3 kg.
Takes 5 hours to charge.
Things we don’t like
× Speed 13mph.
× Hard to maneuver as it is longer board.

Also great

  • 45-inches Aluminum deck.
  • Upto 23 mph speed.
  • Controlled RMP downhill riding.

Boosted Dual+ 2000W Electric Skateboard

This is the most highly appreciated electric board of the Amazon. Its maximum speed is 22 mph which is pretty much fast than other e-boards. Its loaded 38 inches deck is made of flexible bamboo. This electric board’s fully custom Bluetooth remote with LED displayinterface allows you to control your board easily. Its 60 minutes fast charger is like a laptop charger. Let’s have a look on the features of this skateboard from Boosted-

  • Don’t be afraid to brake your board at the time of turning and getting down from a hill. Because it contains powerful regenerative braking system. You can carry this 13.5lbs longboard to your desired place and store it under your desk. It doesn’t take too much space to lean up in a narrow space.
  • This e-board will make your riding experience as a sports car since it includes twin brushless DC-Motors with 2000 watts of power. Its dual-drive system allows you to steer the board on the hill.
  • Boosted board comes with advanced electric vehicle technology such as 3 onboard microprocessors, a multitude sensors, automotive grade lithium batteries and mobile connectivity.
  • It’s not a lightweight (15lb) board but the above mentioned advanced technology of this motorized electric skateboard make this board a super high-quality electric skateboard.
  • You may think that it is quite expensive. Yes, you have to pay more to get a better product.
  • To know real customer’s experience of this electric board, you can read all the reviews of the client’s on Amazon. There are 177+ reviews of the customers of this product. No customer has given it lowest rating. They described it mind blowing and excellent board.
Things we like
2000 watt power.
Powerful regenerative braking system.
Adjustable power and skill level.
Better maneuverability.
75mm in heat wheels.
Things we don’t like
× Expensive.

Yuneec E-Go Electric Skateboard w/ E-Go Travel Bag

This E-GO skateboard has 18 mile range and speed is 12.5 mph. This 13.9 lbs skateboard is easy to carry anywhere. Its 60 grams convenient remote controller doesn’t take more space than a smartphone. A 220 lb person can ride on the board easily. Deck is made of 8-ply Canadian maple wood. The wheels are 90 × 52 mm with SHR83AA hardness rating. It contains ABEC 9 bearings. Some important features are described below-

  • There is a Yuneec 400 Li-lon powered brushless motor to steer the board. Its latest technology battery is placed in a patented flexible waterproof casing. The battery can be charged within 3 to 5 hours.
  • There is a heavy duty travel bag with shoulder strap and webbed handles with this board. You can carry the board, water bottle, other accessories and so on into the bag.
  • Its super easy to control the board as it has a wireless remote controller. There are speed setting system, flashlight, auto sync lock system, informative LED’s, riding style setting and speed velocity control. The safety strap enables you to hang with your wrist. The same thing you can do through the i-Phone app which is connected via Bluetooth.
  • Yuneec offers 180 day full coverage and lifetime tech support. So that you can be relaxed about its fixing.
Things we like
i-Phone app operated.
Ergonomic remote controller.
Heavy duty travel bag included.
Lifetime tech support.
Things we don’t like
× Battery isn’t water resistant.

Benefits of the electric skateboard

The skateboard is the easiest way to fulfill your skateboarding passion. Here are some reasons for choosing e-board over regular skateboard-

  • Speedy than the regular board– The electric skateboard is operated by a motor with a remote controller. Its electric charged battery maximize the speed of the skateboard than a regular board. This boards speed can be 18 mph.
  • Easy control– It is super simple to steer e-board by pressing the remote controller.
  • Require little foot power– Usually, people think that skateboard riding is impossible without footwork. By breaking that myth electric skateboard has come to rest your feet at the time of riding board.
  • Suitable for long distance riding– If you are riding on the regular board, it need massive energy to steer. So it is not possible to go the long distance at a time. In the case of e-board, once you charged the battery, then it will run for a long time.
  • Simple charging– Just a mobile charger can charge the board. So you can charge it anywhere and anytime.
  • Quicker journey– Regular board takes more than twice time to reach any destination than an e-skateboard.

Who and when need these products?

An e-board is perfect for the people who want to get the experience of riding a skateboard without learning hard tricks of skating. Techy persons also love it.

This battery operated board is perfect for steering on the smooth road and to go up on the hills. Since this board is battery operated, so it is tough to steer it on a dump road on a rainy day.


Have you chosen your favorite electric skateboard? I hope so. We selected 3 skateboards for our best electric skateboard reviews. If you can pick up an e-board for easiest skateboarding, we will be really happy to make your skateboarding dream true. In my opinion, if you want to buy electric skateboard with most advanced technology then Boosted electric skateboard is the right choice. The rest 2 boards can be best for those who like to buy comparatively cheap electric skateboard.

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