Best longboard brands: Best longboards of 2018 reviewed

 A good longboard provides you faster, easier and enjoyable longboarding experience. It should be budget-freindly also. You will get some best longboards for sale in this buying guide. With lots of different varities of shapes, styles and materials, it is nearly impossible to find the best one. Especially when there are several best longboard brands like Atom, Sector 9, Santa cruz, Yocaher and Jaseboards make top class products.

You  have to pick the best one among them according to your riding style to avoid any unexpected occurrence in the mid-road and enjoy the longboarding with super thrilling experience.

Longboarding can be a better alternative of regular physical exercise and a cheap vehicle to go nearby place. If you are passionate about this game and looking for a suitable longboard, then it is the best place to buy longboards comparing to any other online store.

Before we jump to Top products Review part Let's have a short look on INFOGRAPHIC on stpes of choosing longboard.

How to Choose Longboard

Choosing cruising longboard

To go to college, work or shopping mall small skateboard or cruiser board are best option. If you aren’t worried about pedestrians or going to commute on the hills, then longer boards are perfect. Those board will provide more stability for cruising.

Deck length:

From the nose to tail of a deck is measured (inches) as length. There are few different types of cruising longboard.

First of them classic pintail board. It comes with longer deck (32”- 46”) with little camber.

  • Short deck comes in a range from 28-32”. Those are called skateboard, good for kids and young riders.  It doesn’t mean that taller skateboarders can’t ride on those boards.
  • Mid-sized deck 32”-42” can be an easy choice for all types of riders. You will see the majority of cruising longboard on the road are in this length as its length is between small and long boards.
  • If you are cozy with the weight than longer decks are pretty good for relaxed riding since it contains enough space to keep your foot comfortably.  

Choosing Wheels for Longboard

A wheel can make huge difference in long-boarding. You can't use a wheel for all type of riding style. Let's check the features of wheels. 

Top 10 Longboard Comparison






7 Ply Maple


Maple laminated




North American maple


7 Ply Maple


playshion board

5Ply maple +
2 ply bamboo


9-ply maple


9-ply maple


Multiple layer of bamboo &maple


7-ply(Maple +Bamboo)


Best Longboard Brands


Quest is a brand that makes best quality and cool longboards considering the need for all level of skaters. Its name ‘Quest’ suggests that they quest for long-lasting and eco-friendly materials to make longboards.

When they started producing longboards, they just made the longboards of the basic design. Now they are producing more qualitative and superior structural boards.

 Surf One:

This is a company of the USA located at Santa Barbara in California. They produce different types of skateboard considering the length, riding style and various levels of the riders. This company provides pintail, twin and symmetrical skateboards.

They provide the lifetime warranty for their products. There are several good longboards for sale of this company.

 Santa Cruz:

From the very beginning of 1973, Santa Cruz Longboard Company starts their business. This company started their business with skateboards. At the initial time of their business, they sent lots of skateboards at different skateboarding event and got positive feedback.

After starting the production of the longboards, they received same feedback. They make durable and high-performance products both for starter and experienced skaters.


Atom is a skateboard longboard brand which was created by the company MBS about 10 years ago. They are supplying a vast collection of cool longboards at an affordable cost. High-quality products with aesthetic designs make them reliable company. This brand is most popular among top 10 brands .

Though the longboards of this brand are suggested for the beginner longboarders but all level riders are satisfied with their longboards. There are some boards on sale of this company.


SCSK8 is the best brand of the longboard. They produce various types of action sports products.

Although this company produces different kinds of sports items but their skating products are also very popular among skating enthusiast. They make the skateboard and longboard both for beginner and experienced skaters.

If you are searching for good cheap longboards, you can find a board from this company.


From 1975, they have been remaking their longboards to upgrade their quality.

If you are looking for good longboard brands right now, then this company can satisfy you. Their artistic and creative longboards are characterized for different riding styles such as drifting, sliding, carving, cruising and much more. Though there are several

Their artistic and creative longboards are characterized for different riding styles such as drifting, sliding, carving, cruising and much more.


Jase who makes and founded Jaseboards. The founder of Jaseboards started making skateboards at Hawaii. He experimented with different types of the boards. His target was making high- quality skateboards. He was not worried about the expense of making skateboards. Still, the experiment is going on. They make best value longboards without compromising the quality.

For whom those want something different-

Quest Super Cruiser (Best Longboard for Beginners)

Starting this list with Quest Super Cruiser is a 44 inches board which is well-suited for different riding styles like carving, sliding and cruising. This one has 70 × 51mm wheels with 80A hardness, ABEC 5 bearings, reverse kingpin trucks and kick tail.

Highlighted Features:

  • hand-o-right

    Flexible bamboo deck

    Its multi-ply hardwood maple and beautiful Artisan bamboo deck make the board spectacular as well as durable. This 44-inch board's deck is stiff but there is some flex. You can get rid of the stress on the knees and ankles because of its flexibility.

  • hand-o-right

    Spectacular design

    The durability and spectacular design of this board are hardly found in the most of the boards of the popular longboard brands.

  • hand-o-right

    Wide trucks and kicktail

    You can get rid of wheel bite if your board includes wide trucks. This one has 7-inch rugged alluminum trucks. Its kick tail helps to keep the board stable, so you can steer it around your crowded city.

 Good for all types of riding specially for the begineers.



  Maple wood and artisan bamboo deck.

  Catchy design.

  Long lasting.

  Kick tail ensures stability.

  Cheap cost.

  A little bit heavy.

Best alternative "Playshion 37" Bamboo"

If you are looking for little bit short board than Quest super cruiser, it's perfect for you. PLAYSHION Kicktail Bamboo has 37 inch 7 ply ( 5 ply maple and 2 ply bamboo)deck. Comes with 65*45mm High Rebound PU wheels with 78A Durometer.

  • check
      6-inch aluminum trucks.
  • check
      High Responsive 83A PU Bushings.

What Are The Top 5 Longboards of 2018?

1. Atom drop-through (Best for Sliding & Free Riding)

If you check out the top brands of the longboard on the internet, you must find the name of this brand in top ten brands. This drop-through board has fully maple laminated deck, super quality 80s grip tape, urethane wheels and ABEC 9 bearings. Those peoples looking for affordable longboards under 200 dollars and best drop through longboard; it can be their first choice.

Highlighted Features:

  • hand-o-right

    Perimeter shape drop-through deck

    This 41-inches drop through board comes with the perimeter shape with 9.5 inches turning leverage. Thus, you can get rid of the fear of unexpected falling and wheel bite. 

    This cool longboard comes with maple wood deck to make the deck sturdy. The benefit of the maple wood deck is that it helps to resist the temperature changes while skating at high speed.

  • hand-o-right

    ABEC 9 bearings

    Its high-quality ABEC 9 bearing is very helpful to ensure comfortable and smooth riding. Some of the expensive longboard companies use this bearing.

  • hand-o-right

    Reverse Kingpin Trucks

    The reverse kingpin trucks of this cool longboard tend to keep the board close to the ground so that your sliding and carving experience become more enjoyable.

 Great for carving, sliding and free riding.



  Simple and elegant design.

  Smooth maneuverability.

  Very fast.

  Easy to carry.

  Affordable price.

  A little bit squeaking sounds on the trucks.

When top longboards brands are your preference, you can choose this 23 years old brand. It is a 36 inches board which is made by sector 9. This board includes gullwing sidewinder trucks, 69mm/80A wheels, ABEC 5 bearings and 7-ply maple wood concave deck.

  • check
    Since it is 36ʺ long and 9ʺwide, so you can keep your feet safely at the time of downhill riding.
  • check
    80A durometer hardness rating of the wheels is the perfect combination of hardness/softness scale so it is good for drifting and sliding. The size of the wheels assures fast acceleration.
  • check
    The gullwing sidewinder trucks of this drop through longboard are helpful to generate high speed by its double-pivot system. Very few brands include these gullwing sidewinder trucks. It makes small radius turns and slides smooth.

You May Choose Some More From Here

2. Santa Cruz Rasta Cruzer (Best for cruising)

Santa cruz skate mahaka rasta cruzer skateboard is a 43.5 inches pintail shaped cruising skateboard for beginners. To make this board Santa cruz use all premium quality parts like 9-ply maple wood deck, Bullet B150 Black Cutback trucks, 65mm/78A transparent green wheels and ABEC3 bearings.

Highlighted Features:

  • hand-o-right

    Long Deck

    It is a multi-color skateboard which is 43.5 inches long like a longboard so beginner rider can control the board easily

  • hand-o-right

    Brand value

    Santa Cruz is one of the reputed longboard brands, so you can trust on their quality of the product. Its Bullet B150 Black Cutback trucks ensure stable riding while cruising at a high speed.

  • hand-o-right

    Great cruising experience.

    This nicely designed board will give you surf-like experience at the time of cruising. Very few companies have this type of longboard.

    Clients are satisfied with the performance of the board. They think it is one of the high-quality boards for cruising.

  Great one for Cruising.



​  High-performance wheels.

  Good for the heavier person.

  Wide range of colors.

  Made by old and reputed brand.

  Surf-like cruising experience.

  Only well-suited for cruising.

Surf one longboard

This Surf One board is one of the top rated longboards from recognized brand. This 43.75-inches board includes 180 mm Randal trucks. Its weight is only 7.6 pounds. This cool board comes fully assembled. The manufacturer of this product provides installment facility and warranty. Few essential info about this product is following-

  • check
    As it is 43.75-inch long and the deck is made of 7-ply maple wood, so this is rigid and well-suited for bulky and tall riders. Its deck is wide enough to get better stability.
  • check
    For speedy downhill riding, it includes 65 mm wheels with 80A hardness and ABEC 5 bearings. You can easily make quick turns and slides since it has well fitted 180mm Randal trucks.
  • check
    This is one of the top rated longboards. Though its cost is a little bit high but it is also true that you have to pay more to get the better product.

3. SCSK8 Natural Blank & Stained  (Best Cheap)

This SCSK8 board offers ABEC 5 bearings, 70 mm large wheels, 7-inch aluminum trucks, kick tail and grip tape. As its deck is coated with grip tape, so it is easy to get the grip on the board. It is the cheapest longboard among the best longboards under 100. All parts of the board are assembled with the one and a half inches hardware.

Highlighted Features:

  • hand-o-right

    High-performance board

    If you want to get better control as well as fast speed over the board, then large wheels with high-performance bearings are very important. In spite of being a cheap longboard, this one includes 70mm wheels and ABEC 5 bearings.

  • hand-o-right

    Kicktail for sliding

    To stop suddenly or for doing tricks and slides, kick tail is a vital part of the board. Thus, this board includes kick tail.

  • hand-o-right

    Good for kids also.

    It is a great beginner longboard for kids since they need more stable and easily maneuverable board. It is one of the best cheap boards for girls.

  • hand-o-right

 Medium quality pintail product in a reasonable price.




  Smooth ride on uneven roads.

  Grip tape ensures the tight grip.

  Comes fully assembled.

  Trucks and wheels are too tight.

The Krown Maple Pintail board comes with stylish looking 43-inch Canadian Maple deck, 6-inch lightweight silver trucks and 65 mm wheels with 78A hardness.

  • check
    Though it’s big enough but yet it is lightweight . So you can carry this 6 pounds board anywhere.
  • check
    Everyone can ride on it whether you are a beginner longboarder or expert because it is easy to steer and control. You can easily make the turn, trick and slide with the sturdy deck of the board.
  • check
    Canadian Maple deck is the perfect combination of rigidity and flexibility which makes riding experience more fun since the deck is more stable.

4. Jaseboards surge (Best for free riding)

Jaseboards surge has 71x52 mm Puka wheels with 78A hardness, 7-ply deck, Castle 180mm 50-degree reverse kingpin trucks, ABEC 9 ceramic bearings and Silicon Carbide grip tape. The length of this drop through board is 38 inches and weight is 8 pounds.

To provide you a better grip, it comes with ultra-coarse Silicon Carbide clear grip tape. You will get a speedy and smooth riding experience with its all high-quality parts. Jaseboards is one of the best and expensive longboard brands of this buying guide.

You should know some info about this board before buying the item.

Highlighted Features:

  • hand-o-right

    Wood+maple deck

    Its deck is the perfect combination of rigidity and flexibility since it is made of 5-ply Canadian maple with 2-ply bamboo lamination. As the deck is laminated with the bamboo on the top and bottom, so it absorbs a very little water and is weather resistant.

  • hand-o-right

    Long lasting Ceramic bearings

    The ceramic Puka ABEC 9 bearings are rust and dust proof so that it provides smooth riding experience. The wheels of this drop through longboard wheels are also favorable for smooth riding.

  • hand-o-right

    Ensure fast acceleration

     You can easily control this board because it has 180 mm Randal Aluminum trucks with 50-degree reverse kingpin.

  Perfect freeriding board with quality deck, ceramic bearings.



  Lightweight trucks for better control.

  Long lasting performance.

  Ceramic bearings.

  Coarse grip tape.

  A little bit expensive.

  Small size.

5. Yocaher drop down (Best for downhilling)

Yocaher is one of the best brands who produces really high-quality boards. This one is 41.25 inches long and made of 9-ply Canadian maple. It has HD7 trucks, ABEC 7 bearings, Black Widow 80A Black Grip tape and 180 mm hanger. This is made both for expert and beginner longboarder.

Highlighted Features:

  • hand-o-right

    Easy to control at high speed

    You can easily control this 43.5 inches long drop down longboard with high concaved deck. Its hard deck keeps your board stable while cruising at high speed.

  • hand-o-right

    Q-ball wheels

    The shock and stain absorbing 70 x 52 mm Q- Ball wheels with 78A hardness make your skating easier.

  • hand-o-right

    Quality Bearings

    Like most of the high-quality and best budget longboard, this board includes ABEC7 chrome bearings. You may find most of the high-performance item include this bearing.

  Provides stable riding with drop down ( near to the earth) deck.



  High-quality ABEC7 bearings.

  HD7 heavy-duty trucks.

  Q-ball wheels for high speed.

  Sturdy 9-ply maple wood deck.

  Sometimes deck may bubble up.

You might want to know more on skating

Who and when need these type of Longboards?

 The people who love to take the experience of thrilling adventure, longboarding can be the best choice for them to get this feeling.

 Good boards are not only compulsory for the professional longboardsers but also for the commuter who want to go to their college campus quickly or just wish to enjoy longboarding as fun and to pass the relax time.

 If you choose an item from top ten longboard brands, you can relax about their quality. Different types of longboards are available considering the specific requirements, style and personality of a person. You can also save money by selecting a one from this top 10 high-quality longboards buying guide.

These buying guide not only contain information about products on sale but also have best budget longboards.

Basic Longboard Maintenance Guide

 The important part of maintaining a longboard is a skate tool.  It has three socket sizes. The largest one is for kingpin, midium one is for wheels and the small part is for hardware. Now take a look how to maintain a longboard-

What are the benefits of this type of longboards
  • hand-o-right
    Wheel removal- Put your longboard on a table. Remove the wheel by the medium socket of the skate tool. Place the socket on the hanger. Be careful when removing washer with the wheel. The biggest part of your longboard is deck. 
  • hand-o-right
    Bearings removal- There are bearings inside the wheel. It's little bit tricky to remove the bearings. Put your wheel back on the axle. Tork the wheel by your one hand to the downside and hold the truck with other hand. Bring the spacer out which is between two bearings and remove another bearing. Just little bit of force is enough for removing bearings. Also do the same process with the rest of the bearings.
  • hand-o-right
    Hanger removal- Before removing trucks, first remove the hangers. By the larger socket, remove the kingpin. It takes few turns depending on how tight you have your trucks. 
  • hand-o-right
    Truck removal-The last part is to remove the trucks. To do that you have to sit down on a high place to unscrew the truck by holding the board between two legs. There is a key on top of the skate tool. Use that to move the center hardware from the grip side and turn the screw of other side with the small socket of the skate tool. By a power drill and small socket, unscrew the rest hardwares. 
  • hand-o-right
    Bearings cleaning-  You need bearings cleaning kit to hold the bearings at a place.  You also need lubricant and cleaning solution which is some types of salt and minerals solution like paint thinner.
  • hand-o-right
    Removing bearing shield- Three types of bearings are available. Sealed sheId, steel sheild and rubber sheild. Sealed bearings sheild can't be removed. Metal sheild can be removed by taking off the C shape ring.  To remove rubber sheild just push it from a edge, it will come out easily. 
  • hand-o-right
    Le't start cleaning- Attach the bearing with the cleaning kit , pour the bottle with cleaning solution, put the bearings attached cleaning kit into the bottle, close the bottle cap tightly and shake it for 4-5 minutes. Now rinse them and dry out. To dry it use air compressor or hair dryer. Remove the bearings from bearing cleaning device.
  • hand-o-right
    Greasing- Use one or two drops of lubricant on the bearings
  • hand-o-right
    Putting the sheild back on- Rubber sheild putting on is quit easy. Just put sheild on the bearing, push inside and spin the bearing.  To put on the steel sheild, place the sheild on the bearing and press the C shape piece with  your thumb. 
  • hand-o-right
    Reassembling baseplate- Firstly, put the two nuts for the trucks, spacer, secondly put the spacer( not every truck include that), enter the truck into the nuts. Put the hardwares back on by holding with the skate tool. Use power drill to do it fast.
  • hand-o-right
    Attaching hanger- Attach hanger with the baseplate, push it back in. Check the bushings are in right place. Push up your kingpin in and tighten it up.
  • hand-o-right
     Assembling wheels and bearings- Place the ring back through the axle. Place your bearings such that the colored shield is facing away from the center of your wheel. Take your wheel facing it to the outward, push it. In this way the bearings will be back in the wheel. Now place another bearing and spacer, then enter the wheel through the axle, press it tightly, push last ring and washer.  Do the same process  with other sides. 

Why consider the good longboard brands?

 Now you know the benefit of the longboards in our review. Next question is ” Where can you buy a longboard?” To get the well-suited longboard, you can quest from the reputed longboard companies. There are lots of companies are available those are offering longboards in different style and quality. Among this crowd, you need to choose yours one that will match with your style and also is a high-quality longboard. So the best way to select your one can be the best brands of longboards that ensure high-quality and excellent performance. Here are some reasons for choosing best brand of longboard-

Why consider the good longboard brands

 Among this crowd, you need to choose yours one that will match with your style and also is a high-quality longboard. So the best way to select your one can be the best brands of longboards that ensure high-quality and excellent performance. Here are some reasons for choosing best brand of longboard-

  • hand-o-right
    There are several reputed and top brands. Those are producing boards for many years even for decades. They gathered tons of experience of making longboards considering the demand of the customer.
  • hand-o-right
    The longboards from the reputed brand as well as best budget longboards provide better customer satisfaction. Because they are durable and high-quality.
  • hand-o-right
    You can compare your longboard buying process with the buying process of a smartphone. When you are going to buy the first smartphone for you, you must choose the most popular smartphone brands like the Samsung or Apple. You are choosing them because of their reputation in the smartphone market. The same reason is applicable for buying longboards.
  • hand-o-right
     By choosing one from our review, you can save lots of time and energy as it helps to make the selection list narrow.
  • hand-o-right
    We spent lots of time to find the longboards with best features, costs and ratings. After the research, we realized that the boards listed here from the top longboard brands got top ratings.
  • hand-o-right
    Now there is a question considering the smaller but up and coming brands. Should you avoid smaller brands? Let us know an example. Although Toyota cars are popular among the people. But in the case of the electric car industry, Telsa motor cars has gained the equal popularity in spite of being a new company. Thus, you can’t avoid smaller and new brands. You can also build your own skateboard

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

 Can I customize my longboard?

Answer: Yes, you can customize your board with your preferable set of the longboard parts.

 Which foot should I put forward on the longboard?

Answer: You can put either left or right foot forward. But putting the left foot forward is called regular foot placement. If you put the right foot forward, then it called the goofy foot.

 What is the right angle of placing the feet on the board?

Answer: You should put your feet at 45-degree angle.

 Which board is perfect for a 200+ pounds rider?

Answer: If your weight is more than 200 pounds, then you should buy a strong construction board which is thicker with more layers of wood. You can also buy longboard which is made of fiberglass or carbon fiber.

 I am 6.2ʺ tall. What features should I look for in a perfect longboard for me?

Answer: A taller person has larger feet. So you should buy a longboard with 9ʺ to 10ʺ width.

Final Verdict

In the end, we decided to give you one product we think appropriate for you. But this has been tough for us because we have all these great long boards on this list.

It’s totally up to you that which brand you like. But some companies are producing longboards for a decade or more. So they know the choice of the skaters. They produce boards considering the skater’s skill, the style of riding etc. So, If you can choose your cherished board from this best longboard brands 2018 guide, then our efforts to provide the information about good boards will be successful.

Let us know if you think any other longboard, surfboard or accessories should have been on the list. We will be happy to hear from you.

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