Best skateboard decks reviews


Are you searching for a blank skateboard deck to replace the broken or old one?  So, why aren’t you going to a skate shop & buy a new one?

Hey, wait a minute! Do you know which are the best deck for skateboard according to your demands & budget? There are lots of brands who supplies skateboard decks where most of them are not good at quality. So you must have enough idea about skateboard decks before buying a new one. This review article contains details information about 6 best skateboard decks on the market. So, stay steady and skate your eyes through this article. You can see the step -by- step way of choosing a deck. I told you see because it’s an infographic.

Top 6 best skateboard decks reviews

BlankDecks Warning Skateboard Deck

BlankDecks is a California based skateboard company who have a vast collection of 20 blank skateboard deck. All BlankDecks skateboard decks are high in quality, but you may want to know what is the good skateboard deck from all 20 models. Yes, it is BlankDecks Warning Skateboard Deck.

Features & Benefits:

  • Super smooth & unblemished. Perfect for artwork.You just need to sand the deck before painting.
  • Made of 7-ply Canadian Maple so this deck is very stiff to hold heavyweight riders.
  • Amazing concavity with good pop and double kicktail. You can do any skateboarding tricks with perfect control.
  • Strong & durable. This deck is the best solution for riders who always break their boards.
  • Suitable for all ages of riders from beginners to experts

The most interesting feature of  this Skateboard Deck is that it is one of the cheap skateboard decks on the market, but performance is comparable with other expensive skateboard decks brands.

Suitability: A great deck for cruisers & street skateboarders who love tricks. Perfect for both beginner & expert riders. It’s a super stiff shortboard & suitable for every rider from kids to elders.

Things we liked
 Lightweight,stiff, & flexible
√ Suitable for pops & tricks
√ Perfect deck for artwork project.
√ Made of Canadian Maple wood
Things we didn’t like
× Few Amazon customers complain that the deck snapped after a month.

Mini-Logo Skateboards Deck

Mini-Logo Skateboards Decks are popular since decades for the high-quality & affordable price.

But why it’s so popular? Let’s find the answer below.

Features & Benefits:

  • Contains 7-plies of hard maples so this deck is super stiff to hold heavyweight.
  • K12 concavity rate so you can get perfect control while riding on this deck.
  • It is a symmetrical deck so you can do all kind of tricks to get more fun.
  • Laminated through Skate One’s low-stress AirLam Presses which prevents all types of damage due to weather.
  • Suitable for spray paint. You can buy this deck if you love to design skateboard deck by your own.

The most interesting feature of Mini-Logo Skateboards Deck is that you’ll get a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects.

Suitability: This skateboard deck has a great concave so it is most suitable for beginners & street skateboarders to get perfect control & stability. Moreover, it is a perfect deck for them who often scratch their board.

Things we liked
√ Strong & durable
√ Affordable price
√ Designed by Pro skateboarders
√ Perfect for doing tricks
Things we didn’t like
× Little heavy.

Bamboo Skateboards Hard Good Blank Shortboard

This skateboard deck was awarded as 2012 best skateboard of the year by many reputed online magazines. So, there shouldn’t be any hesitation that it is one of the top blank skateboard decks on the market.

Features & Benefits:

  • Made of bamboo. Several independent studies proved that bamboo deck’s strength & pop is better than other pro model skateboards.
  • A manufacturer survey reported that Bamboo decks last average 3 weeks longer than other pro skateboard decks brands.
  • Contains 3 layers of bamboo & 3 layers of wood which provide better flexibility with excellent stiffness.
  • This deck has a deep concave & a good pop. You can get perfect control & stability while doing hard tricks & breaks.

The most amazing feature of  this Bamboo Shortboard is that it is well laminated so it won’t get damaged whether you ride in a snowy, rainy, or sunny weather.

Suitability: It is a pro level shortboard with a low price. Moreover, this deck is suitable for both lightweight & heavyweight rider as it has an excellent stiffness. No matter what you are a beginner or expert skateboarder, you can get excellent control & stability on this deck.


Things we liked
Affordable than quality.
√ Weatherproof & strong
√ Suitable for artwork
√ Sustainable performance
Things we didn’t like
× Few customers didn’t get their desired durability.

Bamboo Pintail Deck Longboard Skateboard 44” X 10

Actually, it is a longboard deck, but it is perfect for regular skateboarding too.

Features & Benefits:

  • Perfect deck for cruising, carving & downhill. You can do both longboarding & skateboarding tricks on this deck.
  • Only half inch thick but stiffness is great. This deck is super flex with excellent durability.
  • Completely blank & suitable for custom skateboard deck design.
  • Lightweight so you can carry it anywhere with you.
  • This deck has a decent concave which offers perfect control & balance on the board.

The most interesting feature of Bamboo Pintail Deck is its price. Yes, it is really cheap. You can’t imagine that a quality deck is available at such low price.

Suitability: Bamboo pintail deck is perfect for general cruisers who are seeking a deck for both longboarding & skateboarding. Moreover, you can perform both longboarding & skateboarding tricks with this board. Remember, this deck is specially designed for cruising so you may not perform advanced skateboarding tricks on this board.


Things we liked
√ Low price
√ Fully laminated
√ Excellent stiffness
√ Fit on both large and small wheels
Things we didn’t like
× Few customers didn’t like the pintail feature

Moose Blank Skateboard Decks

Moose blank skateboard decks are manufactured by famous skateboard brand moose. This 31” deck is really high in quality. You can’t wait to buy it if you read the features bellow.

Features & Benefits: Reasons for keeping in our best skateboard decks reviews?

  • Made of 7-ply Canadian Maple to provide better strength & durability.
  • The nose & tail are steep enough and designed for a good This deck is perfect for cruising & performing tricks.
  • Radical U-Concave feature ensures excellent stability even on high-speed
  • One of the cheap skateboard decks on the market, but quality & performance is incomparable with other brands.
  • Blank but comes with 5 different colors. Great board for custom skateboard deck design.

The most interesting feature of Moose Blank Skateboard Deck is that it comes with a grip tape. You don’t need to buy any grip tape with this deck.

Suitability: Moose Blank Skateboard Deck is suitable for all ages & skill levels. You can get better control & stability on this deck. Actually, this deck is most suitable for them who are searching a least expensive skateboard deck with a grip tape.


Things we liked
√ Great deck to learn new tricks
√ Comes with grip tape
√ High strength & durability
√ Suitable for artwork
Things we didn’t like
× You need to buy a package of 5-deck. No single purchase available

Moose Blank Skateboard Deck

The above Moose deck is only available in a package of 5 decks. So, we’ve added Moose Blank Skateboard Deck for Moose fans who want to buy a single skateboard deck.

Features & Benefits:

  • 7-ply maple construction offers perfect strength & highest durability.
  • 7.75” wide so you can place your feet comfortably to get better stability.
  • Comes with a grip tape so you can save a bit of your money.
  • Great concave with good pop. Perfect for doing tricks.
  • 32-inch length & so tall riders can stand comfortably & small riders can control perfectly.

The most interesting feature of Moose Blank Deck is that it is available with 14 assorted colors & perfect for custom skateboard design.

Suitability: This deck has a great strength & concave rate. Both small & tall riders can get excellent control & stability on this 32-inch standard size deck. Even, this deck comes with a high-quality grip tape so you can buy it without any hesitation if you have a small budget.


Things we liked
√ Least expensive
√ Perfect for artwork
√ Strong & durable
√ Comes with grip tape
Things we didn’t like
× Few customers complain that this deck isn’t last longer.

fact to consider

Facts to consider while purchasing a skateboard deck

Width: You won’t get perfect stability & balance if you can’t place your feet comfortably on the deck. That’s why the width is the most important fact while choosing a skateboard deck. Consider the deck width according to your size & riding type.

Wheelbase: Wheelbase is the distance between a deck’s inner mounting holes. The distance between front wheels & back wheels depends on the wheelbase of a deck. The standard wheelbase of a deck is 13”-15”.

Length: Deck length varies upon skateboard types. The average length of a shortboard falls between 28”-32” where a longboard’s size is more than 32”.

Nose & Tail: The front of a deck is known as “Nose” & the rear is called “Tail” or “kicktail.” Make sure to purchase a deck with kicktail if you want to perform tricks.Symmetrical decks are perfect for skateboarding tricks as they contain kicktail at the both end.

Ply: Ply is the thin layer of wood where multiple plies are pressed together to make a skateboard deck. A deck’s strength depend on the ply levels. A 7-ply standard deck is strong enough to hold heavyweight.

Concave: Concave is the curve of a deck between the nose and tail. Skateboards strength & riding control depends on the concave of a deck. There are different types of concave shapes, and they are:

  1. Radial concave
  2. Progressive
  3. W-concave
  4. Tub
  5. Asymmetrical
  6. Convex
  7. Flat

Rails: Rails are the edges along the side of your deck. There are different types of rails shape, and they can effect on your riding style. Rounded rails are good for flip tricks. Sharp rails keep your shoes secure while performing slides. And, Gas pedal rails provide better control while performing slides.

Choosing a style of skateboard deck

There are four basic shapes of skateboard decks. Each shape is designed for different types of skateboarding purpose. Let’s know a bit about them.

Shortboards are the shortest skateboards and specially designed for doing tricks. Shortboards are perfect for street or park skaters who like to perform skateboarding tricks & jumps over obstacles.

Cruiser boards are typically mid-length skateboard & designed for cruising. They are also suitable for performing general tricks.

Old School boards are usually asymmetrical boards with a flat nose and kicktail. These boards are perfect for carving the streets or Skating pools and ramps.

Longboard is the bigger version of a skateboard. Longboards skateboards are specially designed for speedy riding and cruising. Few longboards are specially designed for a particular racing called downhill racing.

Skateboard decks are also divided into 2 types according to deck’s visual style.And, they are:

Graphic deck: Graphic deck is pretty stylish & nice looking. A graphic deck contains colorful artwork which is painted by the manufacturer or the skateboarder. These decks are a little bit expensive for the artwork or colorful design. These decks not only give a nice look to a skateboard, but the paint also prevents scratches on the deck.

Blank deck: A blank deck doesn’t contain any artwork or deck graphic. Such skateboard decks come with wooden color or other single colors. Blank decks are cheaper than the graphic decks but performance is quite same. Moreover, you can paint your favorite artwork on a blank deck to change it as a graphic deck. If you have a small budget or if you have a little painting skill, then a blank deck is the right choice for you. You can also find some blank decks review in this article to consider the best one according to your budget.


“All skateboard decks in this review are excellent. Which should I buy now?” We know that you are in a great hesitation to choose one particular deck from our skateboard deck reviews. Let’s help you. The price range is only difference while every deck is equal in the quality race. So, you can choose one according to your budget. Moreover, you can select the best one according to your riding type & requirements. You should buy well-fitted wheels and trucks for the deck.