Marine Guide: How to choose Trolling Motor, Battery and Boat

Electric Trolling Motor choosing tips and advice

Electric trolling motors are finding more and more often on many fishing boats. Boaters are discovering the benefits of the trolling motors. Most notably the fact that they operate quietly and respecting the environment. In addition, its popularity is not adversely affected by rising gas prices.

Electric trolling motors are required by the attention that is different from the average gasoline powered engines motors. Electric operate differently than gas engines, so it requires different care. Trolling motors use marine batteries to supply them with energy. This means they have a different way on. Any angler who has or is buying a good electric trolling motor should review the following list of tips:

Replaces load fuel filling. It can be very easy to pour some gas for the engine, but with electric trolling motors that do not work that way. Electric trolling motors must be loaded. They require a battery charger. This may be a piece of board or a piece that remains on the shore. That depends on each fisherman.

The trolling motor batteries are made to be neglected and often pay, so there is no concern about damaging them. However, manufacturer’s directions must be followed to ensure that the engine batteries are not ruined.

Always check the engine before use. Lost fishing lines can easily become entangled in the engine and cause major damage. Only takes a moment to look over the engine to prevent that from happening. Like any type of engine an electric trolling motor requires routine inspection and maintenance. The parts should be checked to ensure they are safe and in good condition. Fisherman should not assume that power means no worries.

Maintenance is still important. The engine should always be supervised during charging. An engine left running can overheat and burn easily. Be friendly with the engine. Electric trolling motors have parts that stay fresh by being underwater, so it is important that the fisherman out of the water the engine is not running. It is also important to keep in mind general care by not using the engine is mud. These weeds or tips offer ways to prolong life and protect the electric trolling motor.


How to choose a perfect trolling motor battery?

Use a trolling motor battery configuration, where a separate starter battery is used to start the engine, and actual deep cycle marine battery is used for accessories. This configuration is ideal for boats with larger engines, which need a lot of energy to start early. A free starter battery power faster, and thus exhausts its stored energy quickly, to provide the output amperage for snacks high amounts of energy. Power is supplied then the deep cycle marine battery accessories, while the battery recharges to leave for the next time it is needed.

Use a single trolling motor battery for smaller boats with small electric trolling motors or boats operated drive motors. Small electric trolling motors do not require a lot of electricity to start, and traction motors do not require electricity boot. In this case, a good trolling motor battery will provide power to start a small engine and still provide enough energy to power the drive motors and accessories.

Use a deep cycle marine battery for a trolling motor hybrid that has the attributes of both a starter battery and a battery deep cycle really means for the engine with electric start and accessories on board, or if space is at a premium. These batteries have two types of plates inside. One type of power outputs for fast engine starting, and the other plates slowly release energy to power accessories.

Choose a gel battery or battery-SVR AGM for maximum efficiency, zero maintenance, and long runs. This type will cost more than a lead-acid battery reference but give better performance, faster loading, unloading, except when sitting idle, and completely sealed to eliminate acid spill.

How to choose an inflatable boat?

In recent years, the acquisition of inflatable boats has become popular because they are easier to carry and use and adapt to the needs of buyers and are more affordable than conventional boats (aluminum, wood, and other materials)

The first thing we should ask to purchase an inflatable boat is where we want to use: Sea, Lagoon, Lake, and River. Since the characteristics of the boats change according to an environment where we want to use. There are other decisive when choosing a boat questions; such as:

What is the use that will give? If only for an occasional excursion or give feed continuous use.

Do I want to set you an engine? Here we observe the physical characteristics and stiffness of the mirror (the mirror is a rigid part that is in the back of the boat and where it will hold the motor)

Boat for recreational use

This type of boat is used in lakes or the sea, they are PVC or rubber and generally, the material is thin, have seats with backs which makes them quite comfortable, they are easy to maintain and transportation. These boats cannot be installed the motor.

Boat for lakes, river and lakes

This type of boat is usually much more resistant, the material used is PVC and have a nylon coating that makes them resistant to shock. They usually have a keel that gives them balance and can be used with electric trolling motors, these engines operate with a 12-volt trolling motor battery and are ideal as they do not weigh much and start does not present an imbalance to the boat. This type of engines generally have 5 forward speeds and 1 or 2 speeds reverse.

River boat

The type of boat used for higher categories are rivers rafts for rafting, this type of boat has a top capacity of 8 people and are very resistant to stone chipping.

Boat for mar

Here the models and the versatility change, we can find speedboats with aerodynamic designs or power boats with more conventional models. The size, capacity and characteristics change according to the required needs, including can find seats for various uses (fishing, sports, etc.) The material is much harder and type of engine used is gasoline, some use engines above 150 hp. Este type of boat is a good choice if you want to rescue a sports or use, as they are more versatile and economical than conventional boats.

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