Jaseboards surge longboard Review (Best for Free riding)

Few days ago, I bought a little beast for me. And now, I’m the best rider among all of my friends. Yes, I’m telling about the Jaseboards Surge longboard. If you are an expert downhill rider, no one can finish the race before you if you ride on this longboard. This drop-through longboard is better than all longboard brands because of its high-quality parts and long lasting performance. You can check krown skateboard review and scsk8 skateboard review  to get best skateboards  from the best skateboard brands for cruising. This small size lightweight longboard is suitable for both beginners to experts, kids to adults. Plus it is suitable for all riding types. You can realize its effectiveness if you read this Jaseboards review article. I’ve told a lot of things in the introduction already.

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Exclusive features

  • Its deck is made of 2-ply vertically laminated bamboo with 5-ply Canadian Maple core.
  • Includes Castle 180 mm 50-degree reverse kingpin trucks.
  • This longboard contains 71×52 mm 78A Puka wheels with high-quality ABEC 9 rated Puka ceramic bearings.
  • The deck is covered with super coarse Silicon Carbide clear grip tape.
  • This 38 inches drop-through longboard weighs 8 lbs only.

The most interesting feature of the Jaseboards longboard is that it is a bi-directional Drop-Through longboard. You can use its both side as front facing and kick tail. As it is a drop-through longboard, you can get stunning riding experience by doing a lot of tricks, strict slides, and turns.

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Let’s know about the specifications

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Best benefits 

  • The deck comes with 5-ply Canadian Maple.  The top and bottom of the deck are vertically laminated with bamboo. So it is super stiff and flexible. You can get perfect flexibility and long-lasting performance with this longboard even you are a heavyweight person.
  • It is weather resistant longboard because the bamboo laminated deck absorbs a very little water.
  • You can get fastest downhill riding performance and perfect control because of its 71×51 mm large Puka wheels with 78A hardness.
  • Its ABEC 9 rated super fast Puka bearings are made of ceramic. So there is no risk of rust and you can stay totally free from dust. That means the bearings provide smooth and perfect performance for a long time.
  • The 180 mm Randal Aluminum trucks contain Carbon steel axles and 50-degree reverse kingpin which provide better control than the traditional trucks. So, you can do strict turns and slides with better control and perfect stability.
  • The deck is covered with Silicon Carbide clear grip tape which is very coarse and provides better traction than all other longboards.
  • It is a small size longboard, so anybody can ride and control it easily. Plus, this longboard is very stiff and flexible so it can hold heavyweight person.

Other benefit

You can buy this longboard if you don’t have enough money to purchase it. Because the manufacturer provides installment selling facility for this longboard. So, there is no way to miss this longboard.

Who and when need it most? 

This significant longboard is suitable for everyone. It is perfect for all riding type and streets. Cruisers and freestyle riders can get more enjoyable riding with this longboard by taking strict turns, slides and a lot of tricks. Downhill and free riders can get the fastest speed with perfect control.

Beginners and kids can ride and control it easily because it is a lightweight and small size longboard. Plus, cruisers and travelers can carry it everywhere with them.

Customer reviews: feelings of the customer 

This is a best-selling longboard. This product receives huge positive feedback from the customer. Most of the clients are 100% satisfied with its performance.

Most of the customer reviewed that they get rocking performance with Jaseboards longboard. Both the pro and novice riders loved this longboard because of its superb performance.

Few customers purchase this longboard for their kids and they reviewed that their kids loved it so much because they can ride and control it easily and smoothly. After all, customers are completely satisfied with this longboard.


Stiff and flexible than any other longboard.

The lightweight trucks provide better control.

Suitable for both beginners to expert and kids to adults.

Provide long lasting performance.

Lightweight and easy to carry everywhere.

The ceramic bearings are totally safe from rust.

Installment buying facility.

The grip tape is very coarse.


As it is a high-class longboard and assembled with high-quality parts, this longboard is a little bit expensive.

Frequently asked question(FAQ) 

1. Is it good for cruising? 

Answer: It is perfect for every type of riding.

2. What is the difference between the ceramics and steel sizing? 

Answer: The only difference is performance. Ceramic bearings are fast and long-lasting than the steel.

3. What is the weight limit?  

Answer: It can hold more than 250 pounds weight.


Finally, if you want to get rocking longboarding performance, don’t hesitate to purchase the Jaseboards Surge longboard. Because it is assembled with high-quality parts so it provides fast speed, perfect stability and flexibility, smooth control and extended durability.

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