Powell Golden Dragon Skateboard Review ( Best Complete Board for tricks)

Are you trying to enter into the wondrous world of skating? Do you want to be an expert skater like your friend? To do this, you must need a skateboard which is suitable for a beginner like you. But, when you become an expert rider, you need to change your skateboard for better riding. What a costly matter! So it is better to purchase a skateboard which is ideal for both beginners and expert riders. So don’t hesitate to purchase the Powel Golden Dragon Skateboard. Because it is perfect for both novice and expert rider. Plus, you can get perfect and smooth riding experience with this longboard. You can also purchase it for your kid because it is suitable for all ages.

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Exclusive features

  • The durable, flexible ligament deck is reinforced with wider and more robust polymeric strap.
  • It’s a bidirectional skateboard.
  • Its deck is covered with grip tape.
  • Includes 7.625 inches Golden Dragon aluminum trucks.
  • Contains 54 x 37 mm PGD super high rebound polyurethane wheels.
  • Awesome graphic.

The most interesting feature of this board is that it is small in size (31 inches). So it is easy to ride, control and carry.

Best benefits:

  • The ligament deck is super stiff and flexible; that means the board will never bend even you slide and brake like a crazy.
  • It is a small size longboard, so it is easy to ride and control which makes it suitable for beginners and kids.
  • The PGD super high rebound small size polyurethane wheels provide more stability, so you can get a lot more fun by cruising and carving around smoothly.
  • Its K12 concaved deck is covered with a grip tape which makes a perfect traction between the deck and your shoes.
  • The 7.625 inches wide trucks provide better turning and sliding capability.
  • It is a bidirectional longboard. So you can ride it from both sides.

Extra benefit

This significant board is less expensive than the regular skateboards. So, you can get this perfect and durable skateboard with a low price.

Who and when need it most?

As the board deck is made of plastic and small in size, it is perfect for riders who are searching for a durable skateboard. Especially, this skateboard is more suitable for beginners, cruisers, and travelers. It is suitable for all ages even kids. Because it is small and designed for stability. So they can ride and control it easily even in a crowded street. Plus, it is lightweight so you can carry it everywhere with you.

Customer reviews: Speech of the real customer

Most of the customers said that it is a perfect beginners board and less expensive. Most of the customers purchase it for their kids and they are totally satisfied with this board because their kids loved it and rode it comfortably. If you visit Amazon and read the reviews you can realize more about their expressions.


  • Strong and durable than any other longboard.
  • Suitable for all types of rider even kids.
  • Less expensive than any other skateboards.
  • Easy to ride and control.
  • Lightweight and easy to pick up/carry.


Few customer complaints that the wheels are too soft so it is not too fast.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)?

  1. Can I purchase it for my 7-years old kid?

Answer: Sure, this skateboard is perfect for kids.

  1. Can I do tricks with this board?

Answer: Yes, you can do tricks perfectly and smoothly with it.

  1. Is it suitable for adults? I think it is only for kids.

Answer: You are wrong. It is suitable for kids but it can hold up to 215-pound weight.


Finally, it totally depends on you to purchase this Powell skateboard. But I can assure you that you can get a lot more fun with this skateboard. Plus, you can save your money and get a durable performance.

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