Punisher Cherry Blossom Skateboard Review ( Best for Girls)

Does your son or daughter like longboarding? Are you tensed whether he or she can control it or not? Does your daughter want a well-designed and colorful skateboard? Punisher Cherry Blossom Complete Skateboard would be the best decision for you. It’s the shortest longboard in the market which gives you better controlling capability and a smooth ride. Its alloy trucks and Ivory wheels give you a firm ride with great pleasure. As it is shortest in the market, it is suitable for both experts and beginners.

punisher cherry blossom complete skateboard review





9-ply maple deck (Canadian) with a double kicktail


31″ x 7.56″ x 6″


6 pounds




54×36 PU Ivory wheels


Segaull Alloy trucks

Truck size




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Exclusive features

  • The 9-ply stiff maple deck comes with beautiful cherry flower design.
  • It has heavy duty red colored 5-inch metal alloy trucks.
  • It comes with 54×36 mm PU white ivory wheels.
  • The wheels contain ABEC-5 bearings.
  • The deck is covered with a coarse grip tape.

The most interesting feature of this Punisher Skateboard is that it is a double deck concave board. So it is easy to do tricks with it.

Best benefits:

  • It is a small size longboard which can be perfectly controlled.
  • Its deck can hold up to 200-pound So it is suitable for all ages.
  • Its 54×36 mm PU white ivory wheels with high-speed ABEC-5 bearings provide a smooth ride and perfect control.
  • Its double kick concave design provides better balance and positioning.
  • It is light weight and more durable so you can get better riding performance for a long time.
  • Its stylish colorful graphic attracts everybody, especially female riders.
  • The deck is covered with a coarse grip tape which provides perfect traction between the deck and shoes.

Other benefit

As it is a high profile but low-cost skateboard it will be suitable for those who have a limited budget. Plus, you can purchase it to gift anyone as it is a nice looking stylish skateboard.

Who and when need it most?

Punisher Skateboard is suitable for both beginners and advanced riders. It can be used in cruising, traveling. It is easy to control. Its ivory wheel and ABEC 5 high-speed bearings give a less bumping ride on the road. It’s both sided kick lets you stunt perfectly, stop perfectly and have a better positioning.

Customer reviews: Words of the real customers

Most of the clients said that it is the best reliable brand for beginners. Girls appreciate its design. Most of the people recommended it as a gift for female riders. The users said that it is smooth and perfect to run and turn because of its special shape and high-quality parts. It got a good response for its less weight also.


  • Low-cost
  • Well-designed shape.
  • Easy to carry for its light weight.
  • Marvelous graphics design.
  • Smooth riding performance than any other skateboard.


Friction decays everything and this longboard is not indifferent from all. So it can be discolored from scratches and friction.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Do the wheels of the longboard slide perfectly without bending?

Answer: The board is made of maple wood, so it’s sturdy enough to carry sufficient load. So it won’t bend. Moreover, the wheels are soft enough to slide perfectly.

2. What is the weight limit?

Answer: Manufacturers said according to experiment that it can carry 200+ pounds without any problem.

3. Is it a complete one?

Answer: Obviously this is a complete one for your smooth and firm-riding.

This canadian maple board's deck is mild Concave and contains 80AB grip tap on one side  and full Color Graphics on other side. Comes with ABEC-7 punisher Wheel Bearings. PUNISHER Heavy-Duty 5" Alloy Trucks & Bases.

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      Double Kickboard Skateboard made from 31.5" x 7.75" 7-Ply Canadian Maple.
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     54x36mm Polyurethene White Ivory Wheels.


If you want something luxurious and perfect for longboarding or something marvelously designed skateboard for a gift, the Punisher cherry blossom complete skateboard is the best option for you. So don’t be late to be an owner or buyer of such a great longboard with a very low cost.

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