Santa Cruz Skate Mahaka Skateboard Review ( Best under 150 dollars)

Do you like to get a thrilling experience in your every work? Or you may not like to ride on a vehicle to go to your nearby destination. Ok, what can be the probable solution of this issue? Yes, I can help you to make your everyday journey to your college or any destination thrilling. You must wonder what that is. Now I am presenting the details of a Cruiser skateboard that must fulfill the need of your thrilling mind while going to any place. Santa Cruz Skate Mahaka Rasta Cruzer Skateboard is a cruiser skateboard which is specially made for cruising.

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Remarkable features of this Skateboard

  • The length of the Santa cruz skateboard is 36 inches.
  • It includes ABEC3 bearings and transparent 65mm/78A green wheels.
  • Its deck is made of 9-ply maple wood.
  • It offers high-quality bullet B150 black cutback trucks.
  • This is a pintail shape skateboard.

The most interesting feature of this Skateboard is that its B150 black cutback trucks by bullet are well-suited for carving which ensures maximum stability. It also has outward facing reverse kingpin style like Rendal2 trucks.

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Best Benefits: 

Some reasons for being a preferable skateboard to the skaters-

  • For those persons who doesn’t want to ride on a skateboard due to its wobbliness, this board includes concaved deck. This feature will allow you to steer the board with comfort.
  • If you want a board just for cruising, then this one is specialized for cruising. The difference between the longboard and cruiser is that cruiser is made for steering on the level surface whereas longboard is suitable for all types of riding style.
  • To make your riding smooth and enjoyable, Santa Cruz Ska skateboard includes pre-lubricated ABEC 3 bullet bearings.
  • This board not only offers a pair of high-performance Bullet B150 cutbacks trucks but also offers a reverse kingpin feature. To keep your board stable, the trucks comes with 9 inches axle length which is suitable for carving.
  • To make every turn of the board smoother and faster, there are 65mm diameter wheels under the board which is placed intelligently. Its 78A hardness level makes the grip on the ground easy.

Other benefit

To help the rider turn the skateboard smoothly, it comes with well-designed cutouts. This smooth turn is helpful to make your riding experience enjoyable without any complications.

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Who and when need it most? 

Santa Cruz Cruzer Skateboard is a cruiser board, not longboard which is described by the manufacturer company. So you can easily determine that it is the best board for the cruiser who wants to move around the city for the different purpose.

You can go to your college, market or any nearby destination by riding on this board. If you are an expert skater, then you may go to the medium-long destination by skating. You can skate at the afternoon instead of walking.

Customer reviews: Words of the real customer

99% customers of this board are quite happy with the boards.  Customers didn’t find any significant problem. Customers find it very useful for beginner cruiser as it is longer than the regular skateboard. Customers of this board bought this one several piece.


  • Santa Cruz board ensures smooth riding experience since it includes premium quality trucks.
  •  Its 100% North American Maple deck make the board sturdy and long lasting.
  • The solid base of the board can fit 13 inches feet. For a heavier person of 250 pounds, this board is perfect.
  • This Santa Cruz board provides you the experience of surfing on the surfboard.
  • You can figure out your favorite color board from the huge range of colors.


Though there is no real complain about Santa cruz skateboard, but some people find the trucks either too tight or too loose.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What is the difference between standard longboard and this one?

Answer: This board is made for skating over even surface whereas longboard is made for the uneven or curved surface. You can also do many skating tricks by a longboard.

  1. What is the benefit of bullet B150 cutback trucks?

Answer: These trucks ensure better stability of the board at the time of sliding and turning.

  1. I am 220 pounds. Can I buy this board for me?

Answer: Yes, you can ride on this board. This board can support the weight up to 250 pounds.


If you are those persons who never buy anything without a reputed brand, Santa Cruz Skate Mahaka Rasta Cruzer Skateboard is for you. Because Santa Cruz is producing skateboard for more than 40 years and there is no doubt it is one of the old and best longboard brand. Its pintail shape provides you surf-like balance at the time of carving.

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