The Evolution Of Skateboarding

Skateboarding is a trending sport like football and baseball. It’s hard to find a teenager and young guy who doesn’t like skateboarding. Even a 3-year kid also cry for riding on a skateboard. Skateboarding fans are everywhere nowadays, but do you know the history of this sport? The history of skateboarding is also very thrilling like the entire sport. I bet you’ll like this sport more than yesterday if you know the evolution of skateboarding.

evalution of skateboarding

The stone age of skateboarding


California is the birthplace of skateboarding. Few surfers in California got the craziest idea to surf on the concrete street. So they took a wooden board and added four roller skate wheels on the bottom and the first ever skateboard were made.


Skateboarding went viral by 1963. Surfing companies like Makaha, Hobie, Jack’s start manufacturing good quality skateboard with clay wheels and trucks. The first skateboard competition took place in California’s Hermosa Beach in 1963. Skateboarders like Woody Woodward, Torger Johnson, and Danny Berer opened the way for future skateboarders.

Everything was going well until 1965. In 1965, people just lost interest in skateboarding. Companies stopped manufacturing skateboard. Few real skate lovers continued to build homemade skateboard to keep the sport alive. There is no particular reason, but it seems people stopped skateboarding as it was very dangerous. The clay wheels weren’t safe and led to numerous injuries.

The bronze age


Frank Nasworthy invented Polyurethane wheels in 1972, and skateboarding gets back its life again. Skateboarding got the boost in 1975. A slalom and freestyle competition was held during the ocean festival in Del Mar, California. On that day, the Z-Boys showed the power of skateboarding to the world. Few epic members of that team were Joe Adams, Tony Alva, and Stacy Peralta.

Fiberglass decks were made by surf shops in 1973 and became popular amongst surfers and skateboarders. During 1973-75, Companies started experimenting on decks by using everything from wood to metal.

Another great revolution took place during 1978 when Alan Gelfand (Nickname – “ollie”) invented the primary skateboarding trick named as Ollie. At the end of 70, skateboarding faced another hit when many skate parks were forced to close due to high insurance rate and low attendance of skaters.

The Iron Age


Street skateboarding went viral in the 80’s. Handrails and walls turned into free skateparks. People started to see skaters here and there on the street. New board shapes began to develop for better enjoyment and performing tricks easily.

In 1984, Powell-Peralta’s Bones Brigade team started recording skateboarding videos which influenced kids over the world to become a skateboarder. The Bones Brigade team included  – Tony Hawk, Rodney Mullen, Steve Caballero, Stacy Peralta, Kevin Stab, Lance Mountain, and Mike McGill.


ESPN held the first X-games in 1995, and the event brought skateboarding into the mainstream interest amongst teenagers and young kids. Skateboarding appears in TV commercials for everything from soft drinks to clothing companies. Skateboarding events and contests are started to increase in this decade.

The modern age

2000 and now

Skaters are everywhere in these days. Even a 3-year kid is want to ride on a skateboard. Skateboarding video games influence every kid to be a skater. Tons of skateboarding companies emerged, and skateboarding becomes more and more adaptable in society. X-games and other skateboarding events become much popular than the past decades. Pros started to make real money, and kids began to realize there is a bright future in skateboarding if you can become a pro.


Skateboarding is in today’s place after many rise and fall. Skateboarding lost popularity only after a 15-years of its invention but raised again because there is something in it. Most skate parks were closed in the late 70’s, but people didn’t stop skateboarding because there is too much thrill in it.  Credit goes to the pioneers whose hard work and passion bring skateboarding on the highest level of popularity.

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